Staffing Agencies Costs Are Much Less

Staffing Agencies Costs Are Much Less Than Hiring A Permanent Employee

When a company has a need for temporary help they may turn to a staffing agency to find workers. Staffing Agencies costs are typically much less than if the company tried to locate workers on their own and the employees a staffing agency sends are vetted and already onboard, so the company is also saving in other ways.  When there is a surge in business or a one-time big project, a company may need a few workers for a certain amount of time, but do not want to hire anyone full time. A staffing agency can help a company find employees with the right skills to fill any job requirement.  

The hiring manager or human resources department within the company can work closely with the staffing agency to ensure all temporary employees possess the skills, experience and education necessary to do the job.  

Improved Productivity

If there is a surge in business or several employees are out for one reason or another, the rest of the employees may be required to pick up the load.  This can soon lead to stress and burnout, both of which can result in decreased productivity.  Hiring a few workers to come in temporarily to help with extra workload can go a long way to keeping all employees happy and productive.  Full-time employees are able to focus on their own jobs and maintaining the productivity levels.


Staffing agencies will often work with companies to find a potential full-time employee for a particular position.  If the company does not want to hire the employee without a test period, they can do a temporary-to-permanent hire where the new employee does the job on a temporary basis to start. Then, if the company likes their work, they can offer the temporary employee a permanent position.  This helps reduce overhead costs for the company since they do not have to pay employee benefits until they hire permanently.  The company also has the option to give the employee less than full-time work which will also save them money.

No Unemployment Claims

Hiring temporary staff also decreases unemployment claims for the company.  This is because temporary workers are employees of the staffing agency, not the company.  Staffing firm costs include paying unemployment if a worker does not find employment, but generally the staffing agency will put a worker back to work right away.  Using a staffing agency to find employees also helps reduce the time that human resource department personnel spend on unemployment claims and other employee issues.

Increased Flexibility

Hiring employees through a staffing agency provides a company the flexibility to hire staff when and for as long as needed.  A company may hire a temporary employee to cover while a permanent employee is out sick or on vacation so no other permanent employee has to pick up the extra workload. Most staffing agencies are able to provide employees who have experience in a wide variety of disciplines and then the company can use these employees as necessary to meet their workload.

Why Use Staffing Firms – What Are The Benefits

Why Use Staffing Firms – What Are The Benefits?

There are times in the life of any company when more workers can solve a temporary problem. It may be the case of a sudden surge of orders, as a promotion caused a surge in sales, or demand for a product is greatly enhance due to a heavy dose of advertising.

In answer to the question of “why use staffing firms” is very simple. When temporary employees from staffing companies are utilized there many practical savings that accrue from such actions.

One big advantage is that a company only has to make a commitment to a limited period of time, and in most instances it is based upon market conditions that dictate that time of employment, and the staffing addition of part-time employees can be terminated at any time.

The temporary nature of such an arrangement also gives a company a chance to “try out” employees and if there are those who stand out in their performance, they might be good candidates for permanent positions down the road.

Since temporary employees are employed by the staffing company rather than the company, the company saves considerably on payroll costs, overhead costs, and costs of benefits. The costs of temporary employees can be a bit more than the costs of full-time employees, but the time worked by the temporary people can be more regulated, as they can be let go at any time without any repercussions.

There is no commitment that the temporary employee from the staffing company work a 40 hour week, as they can be sent home or let go at any time. The temporary employee is not going to be filing for unemployment nor will he or she be needing any health insurance or other benefits from the company, as they are not full time employees of the company.

There will also be no claims for unemployment or workers compensation insurance, as the temporary employees are technically not employees of the company, but they are employed by the staffing agency. There will also be less need to provide accounting and bookkeeping space as there will be no need for any taxes to be withheld or accounted for, due to the temporary employee working for the staffing company.

Why use staffing firms? The convenience of the arrangement for the employer is a very nice way to account for the need for more workers, but being able to do so in a very flexible way. When a business has an ongoing relationship with a staffing agency, the temporary employees can be used on a very flexible basis, as employees can be added when people are on vacation or sick, and then released when these people return. The permanent commitment required for full time employees is not necessary, so lots of time and money is saved in the process.

Overall costs of operation are reduced by using the staffing model because it puts the employer in total control of how temporary employees are handled and brought on board.

Use Staffing Firms and Get Workers Fast

Use Staffing Firms and Get Workers Fast

A lot of workers can be hired through staffing firms, and that can free up a lot of your time. This is going to be advice on how you can get the best people for the job. Plus you’ll learn about how to know if they’re safe people to work with.

A lot of the time you’re going to find that a firm just lets people with no experience go in on jobs where they don’t know what they are doing. If you have simple work, then this is okay and usually a cheap option. However, if you have work that has to be done safely and is fairly complicated, you need to find a firm that does testing of some kind. Not only do you want their backgrounds checked, but you want to know if they have the proper skills to do the work right for you.

Don’t think that you can trust just anyone that a firm sends out to do the work right. You need to be there if you’re the boss or have someone else available to help you train that person. You can let them know that if they don’t do the work right you’ll report it to the firm and will have to let them go. Generally you can learn if someone is a right fit in a day or two. If they are not, you need to let them go and separate your feelings towards people and business so you’re not holding onto people that are making you lose money.

Training someone for a more permanent job is sometimes what you can do when you work with a person you get from a firm. You should let them know that if they do the job well you have open positions, and you should also let the firm that you’re using to hire people that you are looking to fill more permanent spots so they can send out those people that they know are good at the work they do. Only get people to work for you on a more permanent basis if they show up on time and do the work well for a few weeks to a few months.

People do sometimes slip through the cracks that are going to try to steal or otherwise damage your business. That’s why you want to work with the staffing firm to do a background check on the people they are hiring to see if they have been involved with anything such as stealing or crimes related to companies getting harmed. Sometimes people turn their lives around, but taking a risk on someone like that is usually not going to end well for you.

Now that you know more about staffing firms you can use this information to get yourself started. Hiring people through the right firms will have your jobs done faster than ever. It’s just a matter of weeding out the bad firms and candidates that work through them.

Benefits Of Using Staffing Agencies

The Benefits Of Using Staffing Agencies

If you own or manage a business, you know that your responsibilities are plentiful and time-consuming. This can make it a hassle to hire qualified staff members. However, hiring responsible and dedicated employees is a crucial part of successfully operating your business. Without qualified and skilled workers, it is simply not possible to get important tasks done. This is why using a staffing firm can be so beneficial; they take care of the necessary hiring processes for you. Staffing firms recruit and select the employees that you need to help run your business.

As you may know, recruitment and staffing can take a significant amount of time. When you do this alone, there are multiple steps to take. You have to place advertisements for employment, set up multiple interviews, perform background checks, and more. Finding time to do this seems next to impossible for many business owners and managers. It can negatively impact your business operations when you have to spend time on these tasks. Fortunately, you can rely on a professional company to get the job done. Use a staffing firm to get the job done for you.

In addition to saving you time, staffing firms can save you a significant amount of money. Investing in the recruitment and interview process can be rather costly. You have to pay human resource employees to perform the tasks, pay for background checks, pay to place job advertisements, and so on. These costs can rapidly add up. Using a staffing firm does cost money, but it can be more affordable paying for all of the other aforementioned expenses. Staffing agencies offer competitive rates for a full array of different services. You can count on them to take care of the tasks mentioned above, and you do not have to worry about the individual expenses.

One of the most beneficial aspects of staffing agencies is that they have the expertise to find the right workers for you. These firms can often exceed the capabilities of a typical human resources department. They keep up with the latest employment trends, hiring processes, and similar matters. They also have a significant amount of experience in vetting and hiring employees, as this is what their business is founded upon. When you use a staffing agency, you can feel 100% confident that the employees chosen for you are completely qualified for the job.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using a staffing firm for all of your employment needs. Whether you need temporary workers or long-term employees, you will be taken care of properly. Staffing agencies can use their professional skills, experience, and tools to find the employees you need. You no longer have to worry about the time and hassle of interviewing, background checks, and so on. You can put your efforts towards other business operations, and you can count on a professional staffing agency to assist you next time you need talented and qualified employees for your job positions.

Using Staffing Firms

Using Staffing Firms Can Save A Company Employee Costs And Fill A Job Quickly

Staffing firms perform the recruiting, vetting and staffing functions for a company that may not have the in-house expertise or the time to management employment processes. Some staffing agencies provide temporary employees who can fill in until a permanent employee is hired while others provide candidates who are potential permanent hires, but who start out in a temporary capacity. These are typically referred to as temp-to-hire positions.  There are advantages to using a staffing agency, including cost, expertise, employee retention and employee availability.  Staffing agencies can generally fill an opening very quickly, often within a day or two of the employer request.


Staffing agencies often have specialized or extensive expertise which can far exceed that of the company’s own human resources department.  Additionally, many small businesses do not have dedicated human resources department and a staffing agency can help with all of the employment onboarding, compensation and benefits issues.  If a company were to try and build their own employee recruiting capability, they would have to hire not only human resources specialists, but also recruiters, compensation specialists, and employee benefits specialists.  This can result in serious ongoing expenses for the company.  Staffing agencies can provide these services at a much lower costs and only charge when they are working for the employer.  They provide the professional employment specialists and recruiters.  Employees who work at staffing agencies generally possess more expertise in employment trends, job knowledge, and recruitment practices. This is because they are constantly searching for and placing employees in a variety of positions. A staffing agency will also tend to have expertise in the specific industries where they place employees and may even specialize in certain fields such as engineering or health care.


When a company uses a staffing agency, it often results in lower costs than if the company tried to find the right employee themselves.  It takes special expertise to do employee recruitment and unless the company is continually hiring, paying for recruitment expertise may not be cost effective.  Staffing agencies will oversee the entire employment process for the company.  They will ensure all pre-employment services are performed such as background checks and drug screens, and will typically do the onboarding of new employees.  This saves the company expenses in benefits administration and payroll processing.  If a small company can work with a good staffing agency, they find they can get great employees and save a great deal of money.


One of the primary benefits of using a staffing agency is their large network of potential workers.  If an employer is looking for seasonal workers, for example, they would need to advertise for the job, interview applicants and process documentation for new hires, all for a relatively short employment season.  Staffing firms, on the other hand typically have names of workers who they know are dependable, conscientious, and reliable and who can report to

A company who needs workers quickly or who needs them for a short period of time should consider using a staffing agency.  These agencies provide qualified workers and take care of all of the employee processing costs.